Sermons, lyrics, academic bits & bobs  – this blog is an outlet for my occasional writings. I am Bishop of Ramsbury in Wiltshire, also a writer and musician. My books include Strangely Warmed (Bloomsbury, 2010) and Parish: An Anglican Theology of Place (SCM Press 2017).

Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “About

  1. Diana Rowlands

    Enjoying your blogs. Many thanks. Diana (Savernake Team Administrator)

  2. After listening to today’s Going to ground, I am trying to persuade Wiltshire Libraries to provide loan copies of your book on the Parish. There is a reference copy in the History Centre, but it should really be available for loan, as many of us would like to read it. Maybe I should buy a copy!

  3. So do I. I have just encouaraged Wiltshire Libraries to put a few loan copies of your last book on their shelves – there is one on reference in the History Centre, but that does not bring it to people’s attention.

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